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When you give today, your gift will restore lives. Bring living hope to a Disadvantaged Family. Comfort Vounerable Woman. Feed a Hungry Child. Take care of an Oprphan

Above all, you will become a co-labourer with God. And that makes all the difference. Thank you.

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The foundation has continued to see a steady increase of families needing various forms of assistance from food, school uniforms and sanitary pads.
We therefore make an appeal to well-wishers and donors to assist the foundation with any Aid that will go towards:
- Expansion of our premises
- Food parcels
- Food distribution
- Kitchen equipment 

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Banking Details: 
ACC #: 1) 62414 1412 18 (ZAKAAT)    SOUTHDALE BRANCH
           : 2) 62414 1433 47 (LILLAAH)   BRANC CODE: 254205


The kitchen is opened five (5) days a week and we serve one balanced meal to over 120 people each day.

This project caters for children from the age of 0 years. Some children are orphan that we care for while others are from dysfunctional families who are unable to give them proper care.

This project is tailored to cater for the older children from age of 6, youth and women. We realise that a balanced mind needs Spiritual Guidance. We therefore have madras classes that are conducted by qualified Madras Tutors to nourish those young minds Spiritually.

The women are also taught skills such as Housekeeping, cooking, pastry, Beading and Sewing. After acquiring the skills, they are assisted to find placement to work as house helps. They are therefore able to earn a decent living after acquiring these skills.

While waiting for such placements they continue to volunteer their services in the Soup Kitchen and Minding the younger children under the care of the foundation 

Youth skills development focuses on training the youth in skills such as:
- Carpentry
- Bricklaying
- Plumbing
- Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurship skills where the youth are taught how to operate and manage Small Businesses is proving to be very popular. After acquiring the entrepreneurial skills, they are given internships in businesses within our environs. After this they are encouraged to set up their own retail outlets with the support of the Foundation.

After acquiring skills offered by the foundation the participants are awarded Certificates of Achievement which they can use to score employment as well. 

Women Empowement

Training; Baking; Computing; Silk screening: Child Care

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86 Princess Street
Mayfair, Johannesburg

011 8301 951


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